Article  |  April 10, 2021


“The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle.”



Constructed during one of the most challenging chapters in the history of the modern world, ALATUS presents the power of new possibilities for learning and for life at 新澳门六合彩开奖记录 School.

The name, ALATUS, is Latin for wings, the building is designed to take students on a journey through the process of thought to a place of considered creation, beyond the horizon.

Beginning with the acquisition of knowledge, and the skill of discerning fact from fiction, students will be taught how to problem solve, how to reason and how to make decisions through a bespoke curriculum that challenges their opinions, their perceptions, and their beliefs.

The ground floor of ALATUS is known as The CORE, the Centre of Re-thinking Education, a space designed for students to DEBATE. IDEATE. CREATE.

It is a busy place, which brings to life the ideas long discussed in the classroom, and advanced through the design process, to life.

The first floor is the Institute of WISDOM. IDEAS. THOUGHT. (WIT)

The WIT is a place where students are taught the necessary skills of research, where they debate the complexities of the political climate and participate in lecture series that challenge their perspectives and advance their thinking on contemporary world issues such as; climate change and people movement.

The WIT is the place where students will begin to form their ideas so as to begin to change the world, the CORE is where they will develop, design and test this thinking so as to bring to life their thoughts.



The design of ALATUS, its organic and simple structure, defies the complexity of the learning that will occur within it.

This is a place that prepares every child for the responsibility they must undertake as good citizens within society.

Built for students in Years 5 to 9, ALATUS captures the creativity, the questioning and the complex thinking of students in the Middle and Pre-Senior years.

Led by the most experienced curriculum and technology leaders in the School, ALATUS will ensure that every child who has the privilege of learning within it, contributes powerfully to the world they inhabit.

We look forward to the opening of ALATUS in 2021 and sharing this extraordinary journey of learning with our community.

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